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Jesus made a habit of being in the synagogue service on the Sabbath. Christians have followed His example and made a habit of being in church on Sunday. Why?


Christianity is a team sport! We do it best together.




You can always read the daily readings at www.usccb.org and meditate them. This is a great way to read the Bible at the same time as all Catholics in the world. Also, if you read the daily readings for Mass, you basicaly read the whole Bible in three years.


The YouVersion Bible app is a good tool to read the Bible. It has different plans for you to do it. You can read the entire Bible in a year.

Fr. Mike Mike Schmitz has a wonderful podcast named "The Bible in a Year." Check it out




You can also visit www.formed.org to learn more about the Catholic Church. There are tons of resources here. Go to the site and type the parish code 4AZW8N to try it.


Watch these interesting videos to learn more about our faith. 



Serve your church                     Serve your city


Your involvement at OLF and our city matters
because you make a difference.

Some of the opportunities above are within the walls of your church and others are partnering with Catholic Charities and other city organizations. Take a look at these different opportunities and find something you are excited about.


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